Industrial Flooring Contractors

Mortar & Terrazzo

For more extreme heavy duty industrial purposes the Mortar and Terrazzo flooring systems provide the ultimate solution. The systems have the benefit of increased impact and abrasion resistance. As with all our products, they are solvent free and can be laid to a thickness of between 4 - 6mm (6 - 8mm for Terrazzo). 

The Mortar system has a decorative fleck and a coloured quartz decorative version is also available. The Terrazzo system is identical to the Mortar apart from the fact that is has an additional aggregate to produce a highly decorative polished finish.
  • Very hardwearing, chemical resistant finish 
  • Produces a highly attractive finish 
  • Antistatic grades available 
  • Range of colours 
  • Easily maintained, hygienic surface 
  • Non-slip finish 
  • Antimicrobial and steam cleanable grades available
  • Rapid curing and ultra-high chemical resistant versions available